TV Licensing has advised customers they do not need to take immediate action after it was announced the BBC was making changes.

From June 2020 it will only be available to households with someone aged over 75 who receives Pension Credit.

Around 1.5 million households could be eligible for a free licence under the new scheme.

It is thought more than three million pensioners will now have to pay the fee.

TV Licensing said customers will be supported through the changes when the current arrangement ends next year.

Over the course of the next month TV Licensing will be writing directly to everyone who currently has a free over 75 licence to let them know about the new scheme and make clear that they will remain fully covered by their free licence until May 31 2020.

TV Licensing will get in touch with affected customers well ahead of the change next summer to explain what to do next, letting people know how those still eligible for a free licence can apply and what payment options will be available for those who will need to buy a licence in the future.

TV Licensing will operate a self-verification system where individuals simply need to demonstrate their receipt of Pension Credit in order to qualify.

It will also be providing face to face assistance for older people through an outreach programme and the customer support call centre will also be increased.

TV Licensing will be launching a free telephone information line this month where older customers and their relatives can access recorded information on the new policy and advice to customers by calling 0800 232 1382.

Information and frequently asked questions can also be found on the TV Licensing website,