Hundreds of new homes could be built on farmland on the outskirts of Braintree.

Developers Gladman has submitted a “screening” request to Braintree Council as it considers plans to build 400 homes off Braintree Road in the village of Tye Green.

The proposals would include the provision of nearly 160 affordable homes, along with the creation of a new green space and improved infrastructure in the village.

The land put forward for development is home to Deanswood Equestrian Centre and is allocated as agricultural land.

Gladman is proposing to demolish all existing buildings before work would start on the 400 homes across the 19-hectare site, which is the equivalent of 22 football pitches.

The screening request has been submitted ahead of a planning application to check with planning experts whether an environmental assessment of the land will be required.

Acting on behalf of Gladman, consultant Wardale Armstrong argues the land at Cressing Park Farm, which is not allocated for housing in Braintree Council’s draft Local Plan, is well contained and would not harm nearby Grade II listed buildings, such as Tudor House and Frog Cottage. The screening request further adds the new estate would not have an urbanising effect on Tye Green and the countryside.

The request adds: “The proposed development will use natural resources and could result in an increase in pollution and nuisances, which in turn could have impacts on human health. However, potential adverse environmental impacts as a result of these activities can be appropriately identified and mitigated.

“The proposed development will also result in the production of waste, however these issues can be addressed through appropriate planning conditions.

“It is not likely the type of development proposed would be susceptible to the risk of major accidents or disasters.

“In summary, it is not considered the characteristics of the proposed development would be like to give rise to significant environmental impacts.”

Members of the public are able to have their say on the screening request, however all representations can only relate to the need to produce an environmental assessment for the proposals.

Submissions must be made to Braintree Council, which will review the screening request later this year.

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