AN angry Braintree resident is urging one of the country’s biggest delivery companies to investigate a driver after failing to receive several parcels despite them being signed for.

Claire, 44, who lives on the Fairview Estate, Braintree, often orders products online, which are then processed, distributed and delivered by courier juggernaut, Hermes.

But several of Claire’s recent purchases, which have included Superdry clothing and expensive trainers, have failed to turn up, even though she’s received notifications confirming their delivery and displaying the digital signature of the supposed recipient.

Claire said: “I work all day and unsociable hours, so I’m often not in when the parcels are delivered, but somehow I still get emails to say my parcel has been signed for and delivered.

“But if you see the signature, it’s just a little squiggle and it’s definitely not my signature.

“I’ve contacted Hermes but they are failing to acknowledge the issue and just tell me either the driver has delivered it or that I should check with my neighbours. But I trust my neighbours and they have also been having similar problems.”

The ‘signed for’ delivery option is designed to give buyers added peace of mind when purchasing products from online shopping websites. It requires the specific resident who ordered the item, or someone they have assigned the responsibility to in their absence, to digitally sign to confirm its handover.

But Claire, who has had more than £170 worth of items go missing, believes the problem lies with both the flawed delivery feature and the lack of respect from some of Hermes’ drivers.

She said: “I don’t think the drivers should sign on our behalf because there is no proof where the package has been left or if it’s even been delivered at all.

“I think it’s also the attitude of the delivery driver, because he just doesn’t seem to care.

“I am just really upset because I work hard for my money and now I am out of pocket.”

Hermes are now looking into the incident after receiving complaints regarding several similar issues involving homes on the Fairview Estate.

A spokesman for Hermes said: “We are aware of a small number of delivery issues in this area and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

"A full investigation has been launched and we will be closely monitoring service levels in the area, to ensure they meet our exceptionally high standards.”