How interesting to read previous letters from Margaret Smith from Tollesbury (May 2, "Swimming in lake would make town happy place") and David Hughes from Southminster (April 25, "7,235 support lake swimming return").

Shame on you for trying to twist the contents of my letter to discredit me.

I would point out to Margaret at no time have I directed people to the Tollesbury pool, I merely mentioned it among other locations for swimming.

David, at no time did I compare the lake with the splash park but mentioned it as part of the other amenities which are plentiful in Promenade Park.

However, I'm glad you did mention the splash park, David, because as I recall people didn't swim in the lake but splashed around in it because the water was filthy.

I also recall when the swimming lake was drained there was an old bike, the obligatory shopping trolley as well as other hazardous objects.

Sadly this is how a man died because he hit a submerged object which was unseen because of the murky water.

Margaret and David, you both mention the birds won't be worried about being disturbed as they can fly off and find pastures new, that, of course, is before the countryside is concreted over.

The point you are both missing is there are happy families at the lakeside, with mum and dad and offspring getting up close and personal to the wildlife.

Children and adults can appreciate nature within touching distance.

Unfortunately they can't fly off like Peter Pan and Wendy and join the flock as I am unaware of anywhere else locally where you can get so close to the birds.

The other four legged friends will still be around as will some of the ducks as the water will not be protected filtered or treated in any way.

Swimming with dolphins is fine but swimming with water rats does not have the same appeal.

The idea of promoting business is ridiculous. You say a majority of petitioners live in Maldon so that won't be additional business as they already live here and those living elsewhere are hardly likely to done their budgie smugglers for a dip then go up the high street to buy a fridge freezer or a pair of socks.

You may not have noticed, as you don't live in the centre of Maldon, the huge housing developments in central Maldon and the Blackwater Retail Park, Aldi, Lidl, Home Bargains, Sports Direct etc. The infrastructure can't take any more, Maldon is full up and gridlock at busy times of the day.

The photographs of the lake (Letters, May 9) are dated and some go back to when England won the World Cup.

They were only taken on those hot sunny days, but what about all 365 days? Families can now enjoy the ornamental lake all year round.

Mervyn Perriman

Spital Road, Maldon