A COUPLE were left fearing a visit from bailiffs after they were sent erroneous letters about their TV licence.

Ed Githaiga and his wife Jenny moved from Mede Way to Ernest Road in Wivenhoe with their daughter Olivia, three, in November last year.

Mr Githaiga went online to advise TV Licensing to transfer their licence.

However they have since received letters almost every month saying enforcement officers will be sent to the house as there is no licence.

The letter said an investigation was underway as the couple had not responded to the authority. : “This is an official warning we are carrying out an investigation of your address.

“We have asked you to contact us several times, but you have not responded.

“There is still no record of a TV licence at this property.”

Mr Githaiga said he had contacted TV Licensing a number of times and provided evidence of the transfer.

He said: “We have called them at least twice telling them we have a TV licence but the letters keep coming.

“After I called them for the second time in February, I requested a copy of licence with my new address but I was told it wasn’t possible.

“However they could send a confirmation letter.

“We have passed on the licence number to them but still keep getting letters.

“It’s stressing me and my wife who is normally home alone during the day looking after our daughter.

“She is also pregnant and we are due to have a little boy in June.”

“She is worried people are going to come knocking at the door - how many other people are going through this?

“Some people may not have the courage to fight back.”

The confirmation letter, from February 6, says the couple have a TV licence.: “I can confirm our records show you have a licence with an expiry date of May 2019 and is paid for under [the licence number].”

TV Licensing has since apologised, saying the letters were generated by a technical issue which they are looking into.

He said: “Unfortunately, a technical issue resulted in a customer receiving letters from us in


“We are ensuring the customer’s record is corrected as a priority and are investigating the issue.

“We are sorry for any concern this has caused and will be writing to the customer to apologise.”