RESIDENTS fed-up with fly-tipping and littering in their village are taking the matter in their own hands with one vowing to install a camera at a dumping hotspot.

Sophie Bardrick, of Coggeshall, says she will install the camera in Scrip's Lane in a bid to catch the perpetrators after it was hit by fly-tippers on three separate occasions in just three weeks.

On March 13, around 15 fridges were dumped on a grass verge, before a bed and several chairs were abandoned in the same spot on March 27.

On that day several other items were also strewn along the length of the road while drawers, bed parts and a table were left in nearby Cut Hedge Lane on March 30.

Sophie said: "It has increased over the past few weeks and I reckon it’s same person as it looks like house clearance stuff. Someone is charging people to take stuff away and then they are just dumping it here.

"It’s a shame that a few people can have such a negative impact on the local environment.

"I have ordered a camera and will install it somewhere along the lane."

Braintree Council is responsible for clearing fly-tipping and working to prevent it happening.

Sophie said: "To be honest the council probably doesn't have the resources to put cameras up everywhere."

Fellow resident Brian Mooney has been out on the village's roadsides clearing up rubbish and so far has filled 46 bags with litter.

He said: "A lot of it is deep within the hedgerows and along the verges and will have been there for some time.

"You've got the rubbish you might expect to find but then I've also found big chunks from cars and a wall safe.

"It is dangerous and it's not something I'm actively encouraging people to join in with - it's not something for children to be doing.

"But it's about changing attitudes in society and getting people to pick up rubbish when they see it and some people are staring to do that."

A spokesman for Braintree Council said: "We are aware of the recent fly tipping incidents in Scrips Lane Coggeshall over the past month, one of which was on private land.

"We are looking at various deterrents including new signage to prevent any further fly-tipping at this location. We will continue to monitor to try and find those responsible for committing this criminal offence and bring them to justice.” To report an incident of fly-tipping call Braintree Council on 01376 552525 or email