DRIVERS have been warned they will be reported to the police if they abuse highways workers.

Essex County Council has released a video in support of workers who have been the victim of abuse from the public.

Workers have been sworn at, threatened and had vehicles driven at them.

In a message Kevin Bentley, infrastructure boss, urged workers to report any incidents to police.

He also asked members of the public to respect highways staff as they go about their jobs.

Mr Bentley said: "Our workers are seen up and down this county working on our roads, improving our roads and keeping our roads safe.

"Sometimes though it can go wrong and they do face abuse from the public and drivers as the days go on and people pass.

"It is unacceptable, I do not accept it and nor does the county council.

"I have seen some of these incidents and it is absolutely unbelievable."

Mr Bentley said Ringway Jacobs, who carry out highways work on behalf of the council, were introducing CCTV to help protect workers.

He said: "I support completely Ringway Jacobs campaign to have CCTV on a lot of our roadworks. It is starting to be rolled out and I support that 100 per cent.

"And I would say to members of the public who do this, please don't.

"Please don't abuse our staff. They are parents like you are probably parents and it is not right that you should do that and it is not right they should go home to think about what goes on.

"They are working like you are working."

The video came after a driver was reported to police for flouting a road closure during the Ipswich Road roadworks.

Last month passengers in the car moved barriers, cones and signs to get through.

They then reportedly swore at a worker who challenged them.