AN investigation has been launched after yobs hurled eggs at cars and pedestrians from the roof of a two-storey building.

Essex Police is appealing for information following the incident, which happened at around 2.20pm on Monday.

Cars driving along Newland Street in Witham were hit by a number of eggs which were allegedly thrown from the rooftop of the appliance store Fabs.

A pedestrian walking in the area at the time was also understood to have been targeted and injured.

One driver, who the Times has agreed not to name, described the act of anti-social behaviour as terrifying and said her car was targeted when she had to stop at a red light.

She said: “I was returning home after going on a shopping trip with my husband. We were just sat there when we saw something smash into the car in front of us.

“The next thing we knew there was a volley of eggs raining down on us and smashing into our car.

“It was really quite frightening.

“An egg coming down from that height can make quite an impact. As soon as the lights went green my husband shouted at me to drive away as quickly as we could.”

The driver estimates that 12 eggs were thrown during the attack, although she admits the number could well be higher.

After the attack, she says she had her car cleaned but has since discovered damage has been caused to the paintwork of the vehicle.

She added: “You have to wonder how on earth they got up there in the first place. It’s quite lucky no-one was hurt because if the cars weren’t stopped and were getting pelted with missiles one could quite easily have mounted the pavement and hit someone.

“It’s a horrible thing to do.

“If these people have got the money to throw away like this, why don’t they just give the eggs to a foodbank and do something useful?”

Detectives are continuing to investigate the incident and have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

Contact Braintree Local Policing Team on 101 and quote reference 42/55458/19.