A PARAMEDIC has been handed an interim ban from working over claims she failed to spot a patient had symptoms of a potentially deadly illness.

It was confirmed Kielye L Mitchell’s fitness to practise was impaired during an incident when she was working for the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust following hearings held by the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service.

The emergency worker was accused of missing a patient’s rash during an initial assessment and the fact they were exhibiting symptoms of shock due to sepsis on the way to the hospital in the ambulance.

Sepsis is a serious complication of an infection which can lead to multiple organ failure if it is not treated quickly.

Mrs Mitchell was also said to have documented the patient had diarrhoea when it was never reported by the woman nor anyone else involved and allegedly made her walk to the door despite her low blood pressure.

It was also said Mrs Mitchell did not transport the patient to hospital under blue light conditions nor did she alert the hospital prior to their arrival.

It was also claimed the paramedic did not recognise how bad the patient’s symptoms were or that they were getting worse as time went by.

As a result of this, she is said to have inaccurately noted the woman’s condition was unchanged at the hospital handover stage on the patient care record and she was said to have failed to tell hospital staff how serious her condition was.

It is understood the patient was transferred to Colchester Hospital from her home in the borough in March 2016. There is nothing to suggest the hospital has any case to answer in regard to the care it provided once the patient arrived.

The paramedic was handed a 12-month interim banning order by the Health and Care Professions Tribunal Service.

The panel will reconvene in June when the interim order could be replaced by another sanction. If no conclusion is reached, then the order will continue until March.

A spokesman for the ambulance trust said: “We co-operate fully with the tribunal service and its procedures. Kielye Mitchell remains an employee of the Trust and the incident referred to by tribunal continues to be managed by our own internal procedures for managing serious incidents.”