Project Fear scaremongers will not listen to British people and the referendum vote.

They are not able to provide any positive argument for staying in and want to reverse the result by any means.

We should not believe their blinkered view.

Project Fear is bombarding us again with claims a no deal Brexit will be disastrous for Britain.

Staying in the beaurecratic unemployment-riddled EU is, according to the Remainers, riskier for the UK than leaving without a deal.

Investment in the UK was the second highest behind only China.

More than 90 per cent of businesses in this country do not trade in Europe, the majority already trade with the rest of the world.

Civil servants and HM Revenue & Customs are ready for a no deal Brexit.

The EU has announced plans for visa free travel and aviation rights. The French have installed high tech scanners at Calais to keep trade and tourism flowing.

EU countries sold more than £300 billion worth of goods to us in 2017.

That is a lot of goods they want to go on selling us so it is in Europe’s best interests to cut a us deal.

There is so much to be optimistic about. A trade deal with the EU will not stop as the EU has a trade surplus of £95 billion with the UK.

A no deal Brexit also means we can keep £39 billion which can be used to help British business enter into new trade deals.

Since joining the EU our fishing industry has been decimated, our farmers are declining and our fruit orchards have all but disappeared.

EU growth since the financial crisis has been lower than ours and the level of unemployment very high in some countries whereas we have the lowest level of unemployment for 40 years.

We have so many reasons to be cheerful about our future out of the EU.

We will no longer have to pay to keep EU citizens' families residing in their own country or allow them free access to our NHS and education.

It would be undemocratic to have another referendum costing millions.

The people voted by a majority to leave the EU and their wishes should be respected.

A Foster