THERE is and never will be enough money to pay for every medical need for Britain’s growing and ageing population.

Better treatments, better medications and better lifestyles are leading to extended life which is wonderful but adds an ever increasing burden to the NHS.

As such, there are some tough decisions to be made on how money is spent.

That must be incredibly difficult especially with the high cost of some treatments.

In most cases, you can take a step back and at least understand the reasoning behind many decisions, even if you don’t agree with them.

But the postcode lottery for IVF is simply wrong.

How can the powers that be in the NHS sanction a raft of treatments for illness which have been, to a degree, self-imposed such as excess drinking and smoking and not find money for a couple who, through no fault of their own, cannot conceive?

The argument is the need for a child is not a life-threatening condition.

But the question must be asked... have we really reached the stage where your wealth or your postcode determines if you can have a child?

This is morally unacceptable and MP Steve McCabe is entirely right to raise the issue in Parliament.

Whilst there can be sympathy for the accountants in charge of the health service purse strings, we cannot allow money to be the ruling factor in who has the right to be a parent.

Surely this goes against every principle of the NHS.