Much like their debut, and their relationship for that matter, Cakestupid's new release, Under Study has literally been years in the making.

And for some of the tracks, it's actually decades.

Cakestupid are Isabel Doran (vocals) and Paul Tivy (guitar) whose relationship rekindled after a break of 26 years.

After getting back together Isabel joined Paul’s band and then when one of their gig’s were cancelled, the pair asked if they could do an impromptu set as a duo – and Cakestupid was born.

Both Isabel and Paul grew up in the town, Isabel going to St Benedict’s College and Paul a student at the Gilberd School on North where his first forays into music were playing in a band with Blur’s Dave Rowntree.

Today they’re a regular on the local gig circuit as well as playing further afield.

After plying their trade on the local music scene for four years, the duo released their debut, Temperance and Virtue, back in 2016 jam packed with woozy pop folk tunes.

And now they're back with another corker Under Study.

Isabel says: "This one's a mixture of stuff we already had and also brand new material. It also has our first co-write although the different parts were written decades apart."

"It was late Eighties," Paul continues, "and I was recording songs on a four-track cassette machine, which I put away, got lost for a fair old while until I re-discovered them earlier this year.

"The problem was I didn't have anything to play them on so I went on E-Bay and bought one so I could check them to see if any of those old songs were any good, and some of them were."

To be precise opener on Under Study Supersnout.

"I had the pretty much everything, backing music, the riff," he continues, "except the melody and the lyrics, so I handed it over to Isobel and she finished it off."

As well as the songs, the pair have been keen to look to the past when it comes to their videos, shooting them on old 16mm film.

"We're getting better at doing them," Paul smiles. "but it does require sending them to a special lab to get them processed.

"I bought the 16mm camera from Cambridge University, which I went to pick up by train, although I did have to wait another year before I found a battery I could use it with."

Under Study is available from the band's website at