Braintree's MP insists he remains fully behind Prime Minister Theresa May, despite having concerns some over aspects of her Brexit deal.

James Cleverly, who campaigned in support of leaving the European Union in the 2016 referendum, says Mrs May has his support and he called on his Conservative colleagues to support her plans.

Speaking from the capital on Thursday, Mr Cleverly said: "My view is the same as what I have always said - that Theresa is the right kind of person to do the job.

“She is dogged, determined and she is a grafter and at this stage she is the right person to do the hard work needed.

“I am very supportive of her as Prime Minister."

Theresa May was addressing MP's in the chamber on Thursday in relation to her draft agreement with the European Union on the UK's withdrawal, including the technical details of a Northern Irish backstop.

Several Junior and Cabinet Ministers resigns over the plans before she arrived in the House of Commons, where she faced three hours of tough questions from politicians on all sides.

Mr Cleverly admitted he did not think the deal was perfect, but said he believed there was no "credible alternative" to the Prime Minister's plan.

“There are elements of the proposal I am uncomfortable with, in particular the backstop plans," he said.

“As it stands I do not think there is a credible alternative and what we all have to do is work very hard so we do not have to rely on that backstop.

“The deal is not yet finalised which has been made clear by the Prime Minister."

Around 61 per cent of residents in the Braintree District voted to leave the European Union in the referendum, and Mr Cleverly said Theresa May was committed to delivering the result his constituents voted for.

He added: “She has made it clear the final deal will mean things like an end to free movement, leaving the customs union and keeping the United Kingdom together, reasons I supported leaving the EU during the referendum.

“That is what we are going to deliver.

“We are going to leave the EU in March 2019, Theresa May has made that completely clear, and that is what I believed my constituents voted for.”

Several Tory MPs are understood to have submitted letters of no confidence in Theresa May's leadership on Thursday.