Fed up patients have joined forces to demand change at what has been branded the worst GP practice in the country.

More than 130 disgruntled residents have shared their experiences of Church Lane Surgery, in Braintree, as part of a new Facebook group.

The surgery, run by Virgin Care, was ranked the worst in England for overall experience during the last nationwide GP patient survey.

Patients now say they have had enough.

Tamasine Peppiatt, who is part of Action to Change Church Lane Surgery, has spent five months waiting for the correct post-surgery care.

She said: “After numerous complaints online, people in the surgery themselves complaining, a Facebook group with more than 130 unhappy patients and my own personal experience, we are now demanding change.

“We want answers with a business plan on how Braintree residents can get the care and service they deserve.

“The surgery is ranked one of the lowest in the whole of the UK, and it is obvious why.

“It is disgusting and abhorrent the way the citizens of Braintree are being treated and used to make money.”

The surgery has faced criticism in the past by patients who are unable to get through on the phone, with just seven per cent of patients describing the process as easy, compared to a national average of 70 per cent.

Linda Kirby, who the Times spoke to in April, waited on hold for 52 minutes while trying to get an appointment for her terminally-ill mother.

Members of the Facebook group have now shared their own experiences at the practice.

One person said: “I was sent in to see the diabetic nurse who incorrectly carried out the test on my feet.

“I questioned her and she told me to stop talking as she hadn’t had a cup of coffee all day and I was giving her a headache.

“I made a complaint to reception in writing and heard nothing more.”

Virgin Care says it is committed to improving the surgery, which is the largest in Braintree.

You can read the full statement here.