REMAINS of an Iron age farm and roundhouse have been found by archaeologists at a Lawford development.

An archaeological dig has been carried out on land off Bromley Road, where Rose Builders has been

given permission to contruct 360 homes.

The Lawford Green development, which will be built on the 23 hectares of land, will include a village green, public open space, structural landscaping and a playground.

Before building starts the dig was arranged to look for any historical finds laying hidden underground.

A spokesman for Rose Builders said: “A 17 metre diameter roundhouse that was part of a small farmstead in the south west corner of the site was discovered.

“This is thought to date back to the early/mid Iron age and the corner in Bromley Road comes round the corner of the roundhouse.

“The roundhouse would have had a thatched roof and a drip gulley around its base to catch rainwater and a track to its side.

“It would have housed a whole family and had a central hearth and it is likely there would be others in neighbouring fields.”

Small fragments from the Roman era were found but archaeologists said there was no real clear evidence of Roman activity.

The spokesman said: “A series of ditches and gullies forming agricultural enclosures were identified indicating early fields and enclosures, also dating from the Iron age.”

“The ditches and gullies created the boundaries of different enclosures within the overall area farmed by the family occupying the farmstead.

“It would have been mixed use farm land with both arable and pastoral land.”

Children from Lawford Primary School were treated to a trip to the site.

The spokesman said: “One class had been studying the value of

archaeological finds so we were pleased to be able to support their learning and understanding in this way. “

A full formal report of the findings have been sent to the County Archaeologists and the findings have been sent to Colchester Museum for storage or display.