A committed charity fundraiser is set to carry her sister’s ashes over the finish line of the New York Marathon to complete the final race on her bucket list.

Coggeshall resident Amy Gaughan will be taking on the marathon this November to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support in honour of her beloved sister Jo Hinckley.

Mrs Hinckley, who grew up in Coggeshall, passed away in October aged 40, after a cancerous tumour on her tongue was removed.

One of her biggest passions was running and she completed marathons in Edinburgh, Paris, Halstead and more - but she never had the chance to complete her dream race.

Ms Gaughan, 32, said: “New York was the one she never got to do.

“To make my big sister proud I am running the marathon in her memory, and as it is a marathon she always wanted to do I will be taking her ashes in a locket to get her over the finish line and claim her that last medal.”

At the start of 2017, Mrs Hinckley’s health started to deteriorate and she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Ms Gaughan said: “I gradually saw how bad it was effecting her health to the point where some days she couldn’t even get out of bed or her husband had to dress her. It was heart breaking to see

“But she always had a massive smile and fought the pain to try and enjoy as much as she could.”

An ulcer developed on Mrs Hinckley’s tongue and a biopsy in September revealed it was cancerous.

After a major operation to remove part of her tongue it appeared her recovery was going well, but just days before she was set to leave hospital, things took a turn for the worst.

Ms Gaughan said: “She messaged me in the morning to say she should be home at the weekend and when could I visit, to which I said I would be straight down. That was the last message I received from my sister.

“Later that day when I was feeling so happy for her, my mum gave me the news that due to a ruptured artery she couldn’t be saved and my sweet sister was taken from us.”

Although she admits she hates running, Ms Gaughan is determined to complete her sister’s final race with her.

Ms Gaughan, who works as a chef, said: “Jo was the best and looked after me more like a mum as well as the most caring sister.

“A massive part of my life was taken away from me and although we lived a fair distance apart not a day went by that we didn’t talk.”

A fundraising party, called Jo Fest, will take place at Stock Street Barn on September 29. Visit https://bit.ly/2KMb0xb.

Donate at https://bit.ly/2KMsAB8.