MP Priti Patel said she will focus on her constituency after her resignation from Government.

Ms Patel stood down as International Development Secretary after holding a series of secret meetings while on a family holiday.

She has since apologised and confirmed she will remain as constituency MP, representing areas including Stanway and Tiptree.

She said: “Being the MP for Witham has always been my number one priority.

"Following my departure from the Government, I am able to speak up for this part of Essex in the House of Commons and look forward to meeting more residents, families and businesses.“

She added: “I am continuing to campaign and work to secure improvements to education in the constituency, new health facilities and investment in our infrastructure.

“Over the coming months there are crucial decisions that need to be made in relation to housing, the A120, the A12 and rail investment and I will be doing all I can to ensure that my constituents are fully represented.”

However, Ms Patel declined to answer questions about whether she considered resigning as an MP and whether she had any regrets.

She also declined to answer questions about whether she would stand in the area at the next General Election, following proposed boundary changes, but confirmed she supported the policy of fewer MPs and more equal sized constituencies.

Her Cabinet resignation followed 14 secret meetings with Israeli politi - cians.

In a letter to the Prime Minister she offered a “fulsome apology” accepting her behaviour “fell below the standards of transparency and openness” expected.

She was also forced to retract a statement claiming Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson knew in advance.

During diplomatic meetings MPs are accompanied by experienced civil servants but Ms Patel was instead joined by lobbyist and Tory donor Lord Polak, of the Conservative Friends of Israel, during the unauthorised discussions.

There had been speculation she may have been planning her own leadership bid during her international travels bid but instead she will now focus on issues closer to home