More than 1,000 adult pedestrians have been injured and 40 killed in crashes across Essex over the last three years.

Of those that resulted in death or serious injury, pedestrians were primarily at fault for 45 per cent of these crashes, meaning many of these would have been avoidable by following basic road safety rules.

The Safer Essex Roads Partnership has responded to these statistics with the launch of a new campaign aiming to increase awareness among pedestrians, drivers and riders to tackle avoidable injuries and deaths on our roads.

The 'Time to Reflect' campaign is calling on road users to stay aware of all potential hazards and to consider how best to make themselves seen when out and about in the dark.

This might be by carrying a torch, wearing reflective clothing or carrying something made of reflective material.

Nicola Foster, chairman of the Safer Essex Roads Partnership: "Both drivers and pedestrians have a crucial role to play in reducing the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads.

"With the clocks having gone back on Sunday it becomes even more important that cyclists and pedestrians on their way home make every effort to ensure they can be seen by other road users and that car drivers look out for pedestrians and cyclists.

"It is only by looking out for each other that we will stop the heartbreak that is caused by unnecessary deaths and serious injuries on our roads."