MORE THAN 12,000 homes will be left out of the district's Local Plan after their sites were refused recommendation for development.

About 9,000 of these were put forward for Cressing alone, where two major development sites were rejected.

At a Local Plan Committee meeting councillors discussed which sites put forward for residential development would be suitable.

Two in Cressing were submitted, a site known as Temple Border capable of 4,000 homes and a site south of the A120 capable with potential for 2,000 homes.

The site south of the A120 between Black Notley and Cressing was turned down as it was feared development would join the gap between Cressing and Braintree.

Temple Border, a 185 hectare site on the eastern edge of Braintree, was said to part-fund the dualling of the A120 between Marks Tey and Braintree if its plans win approval.

In February, Gateway 120 joined forces with London based housing association and developer L&Q, and Cirrus Land, a planning promotion company.

Robert Vestentoft, of Cirrus, said it was seeking “urgent dialogue” with the council over the decision.

A further 1,801 homes were turned down in Braintree - 1,600 of these were to be part of the Brook Green development between Braintree and Rayne.

Emma Wood, who represented the No to Brook Green action group, told councillors at the meeting about their campaign to protect the much-loved Flitch Way at the site.

Lady Patricia Newton said the Flitch Way was an attraction that should be supported.

She said: "The council has worked hard for many years to encourage, support and develop the Flitch Way.

"The key part is also to prevent coalescence of Braintree and Rayne."

A total of 1,109 homes were rejected for the Black Notely and Great Notley areas, with a site proposed for 649 homes being turned down.

The site planned for the west of the A131 was rejected as officers thought the site was isolated and would not be suitable in keeping with business use.

Another 1,066 homes were rejected for Bocking, with 638 homes being rejected at Dorewards Hall.

Officers said the site was some distance from health services, and is a greenfield site.

Landowners and developers will have the opportunity to appeal the decision when the Draft Local Plan goes to public consultation in the summer.

The committee meeting was held on Monday, May 9.