Boris Johnson lost his place in a speech given to business leaders today, which left him fumbling for words.

The Prime Minister was addressing the CBI conference taking place at the Port of Tyne.

He was rendered speechless for 20 seconds as he searched through his text, muttering “forgive me, forgive me”.

Even after he worked out where he was in the speech, the PM continued to shuffle the papers in front of him and stumble over his words.

After that he then went into a lengthy diversion about Peppa Pig World, jokingly quoted Lenin, referred to himself as Moses, talked about how he used to scorn wind farms and electric cars, and impersonated an accelerating car saying: “Broom broom brah brah!”

The Labour Party tweeted out a short video of Johnson going through his notes, adding: "Don't worry @BorisJohnson... Nobody could follow anyway."

Aside from the fumbling of words, the PM also spoke about high speed rail and business in the UK.

He said: "Last week we announced three vast new high speed lines, cutting the time from London to Manchester by an hour and creating a new Crossrail of the North."

However, this is despite the fact that the new lines were in fact the fragments left over after previous plans for new high-speed track were slashed.

What was the reaction to Boris Johnson's speech?

Reaction was not kind to Boris Johnson after he lost his place in his speech.

In a video that Sky News posted of the slip-up, Twitter user D.Moore replied: "Why did you cut the Peppa Pig bit? That was some inspirational dialogue there from our dear leader."

Another replied: "'Boris Johnson appears to lose his place, losing the plot more like."

Twitter user Lauren broke down the Prime Minister's error a little further.

She posted: "I’ve taught Public Speaking as well. The first thing I teach is to never acknowledge your error in loosing your thoughts; if you are prepared you can always just pick up on the next cue. He wasn’t prepared nor did he know the material."