A innovative research project based at Essex University has won a multi-million Euro grant.

EUROMOD has been created by an international team of experts led by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the university.

It uses a sophisticated research tool to calculate the effects of taxes and benefits on households across Europe.

It can also be used to explore alternative approaches to tackling poverty.

The scheme has been awarded 4.5 million Euros by the European Commission to expand its work.

The project currently covers 19 European Union countries but is due to expand to 27 countries over the three-year project.

It will involve a team of at least 60 researchers based across Europe lead by Holly Sutherland, research professor at ISER.

She said: "This significant grant is a real boost for the EUROMOD project and recognises its potential value not only as a resource to inform policy-relevant research of many kinds but also as a tool for policy learning across countries."