The opening of a box labelled ‘my mother’s dress’ unveiled a century old silk gown, which was to spark an unusual flower festival.

The cream gown, complete with a flower circlet and veil, was discovered in a loft by Jill Hinds.

She was delighted to find the dress, which had been worn by her grandmother-in-law at her wedding in 1911.

The gown, which was rather modern for its time, became the first display in the Blooming Bride exhibition at Kelvedon Institute this weekend.

Organiser Mrs Hinds, whose own dress featured in the display along with her mother-in-law’s, said: “I opened up the box and I didn’t know what sort of shape the dress would be, she got married in 1911 so I expected it to be more Edwardian.

“But the dress is much more like a 1920s dress."

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