Good causes are being offered the opportunity to pitch their ideas to win a cash boost.

The first ever Braintree Soup will take place next Thursday at The Archer Community Centre, in East Street, and pitchers are needed to speak to the public.

The idea is people come along on the night and donate £5, or whatever they can afford, for a bowl of soup.

Audience members listen to four pitches lasting four minutes from individuals, groups or organisations who would like to secure funding.

Diners can ask up to four questions, finding out more about the ideas before enjoying a tasty bowl of soup.

Once the meal is finished, diners vote with their spoon for the pitch they want to support. The idea which secures the most spoons gets all the donations from the evening.

A spokesman for Braintree Soup said: "Even if pitchers don’t win the vote they can still make great connections and get support and help anyway, and there's nothing to stop them re-applying with the same idea or even a new idea - we will hold a Braintree Soup every three months or so."

If you would like to pitch your idea, email

The first ever Braintree Soup takes place at The Archer Community Centre next Thursday from 6.30pm.