A freerunning and Parkour training centre could be created in Witham, bringing five jobs to the town.

Team Kinetix wants to relocate its base and convert a unit within an industrial area in Moss Road.

The 6,670sq ft unit, bigger than two tennis courts, will become a fitness and coaching facility for the now officially recognised sport of Parkour.

Brad Wendes, 34, founded Team Kinetix ten years ago.

"The new premises will help us improve the quality of our classes and it will be a safer environment where everything is bolted down," he said.

“The sport is so accessible, it does not require anything for people to get involved.

“Anyone can come and join, we start classes with toddlers and we also run them with elderly people.

“It has been my life for 10 years, it is such a great sport.”

Team Kinetix already runs classes at leisure centres and schools across the district, as well as performing corporate entertainment shows, but the new premises would provide them with a solid base to expand the business.

Mr Wendes said: “We have been based at Riverside Ice and Leisure in Chelmsford but the venue has been getting less suitable for us.

“We looked at Chelmsford but it is difficult because of costs.

“I recently relocated to Braintree myself and so we thought about looking a little further afield in this area.

“We found a landlord who was really excited about what we were planning to do and on the second meeting they agreed to lease it to us.”

If the change of use application is approved, part of the unit will be utilised by a Witham based dance studio, who lost their home last year.

Mr Wendes said: “We only employ five people but that would probably go up. This would help two small businesses to grow.

“We are cautiously optimistic. So far we have received good feedback and support from Witham Town Council.

“The issue is we want to use an industrial space for leisure use which is against the local plan - but the plans go along with the national policy about trying to get people into doing more exercise.”

If plans are approved, the centre could be open as soon as the spring.

Brad Wendes is an elected director of Parkour UK.

Visit www.teamkinetix.co.uk.