A WINE bar has been hailed a ‘hidden gem’ for its fast service and varied menu.

Crofters, tucked away just off Witham’s high street, has recently had a makeover.

The wine bar in Maldon Road was discovered by Katherine Palmer, reporter at the Times , who is helping Braintree Council find the best places to visit in the district.

She said it had an exclusive atmosphere.

She said: “Crofters is so tucked away I drove past the car park twice before I found it.

“I couldn’t have been more excited by the dark, candle lit, tavern-style restaurant.

“It felt a little like being below the decks of a pirate ship, which was a totally unique experience.”

The restaurant also holds music events and is a great place for family parties.

Miss Palmer said: “The restaurant goes down so well with residents of Witham, I visited mid-week and the waitresses had told us they were surprised at how busy it was on that particular night.

“I could see why so many people were keen to experience it.”

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