PROGRESS is finally being made over a long-awaited £10 million expansion of a Witham supermarket.

Morrisons, on Braintree Road, Witham, received planning permission in February 2014 to expand the store by around 70 per cent after a planning inspector overruled Braintree Council.

Earlier this month, Peacock and Smith submitted new planning applications on behalf of Morrisons to Braintree Council, asking for the approval on several details reserved on the original planning application.

New details of the expansion, expected to create 50 jobs, have been released showing plans for lighting, cycle shelters, the layout of the car park and travel plan during construction.

The car park plans were discussed at a meeting of Witham Town Council’s planning applications and transport sub-committee meeting on Monday, with no objections raised.

Michael Lager, town councillor for Witham Central ward, said: “The plans give a good idea of what it will look like when the store is extended.

“They have released details of the design of the car park which does suggest to me that they are getting ready to extend which will be very much welcome for people of Witham.

“I cannot see why these applications should not be approved.

“Residents in the north of Witham have had a raw deal for a long time with regards to shopping and the store is a bit out of date now so the sooner the improvements come into place the better.”

The original application went to appeal and was approved by the planning inspector after residents signed a 25-page petition and sent in 140 letters of support.

Morrisons, which closed its Braintree supermarket last year, declined to comment on the applications.