DID you see mysterious lights over the skies of Braintree at the weekend?

Could aliens have been planning to drop in at a Galley’s Corner restaurant for a late night snack?

Julie Moore-Dale, 55, from Earls Colne wants to know if anyone else saw a collection of orange and yellow lights over the skies on Braintree at around 10.50pm on Saturday night.

She said: “We were driving towards Galley’s Corner when we saw a very strange set of lights in the sky.

“One was glowing orange and there were four or five other star-like ones in an arch near it.

“At first, it looked like lights on a massive crane but as we got along side them the smaller ones began darting about while the larger one moved slowly.

“We tried to drive towards the lights but they passed behind a row of trees and disappeared.

“They were so bright, I just wondered if anyone else saw them?”

Can you offer an explanation for this sighting?

If so, please call the Braintree and Witham Times on 01376 334 338 or email bwtnews@nqe.com.