After 57 years the reigning European Yo-yo Champion is finally handing over his title.

Don Robertson, 81, from Braintree is still the title-holder after winning the first - and last - competition in 1953.

The grandfather-of-two, who was also a magician, is travelling to Prague at the end of the month for the championship’s rebirth.

But Mr Robertson, of Kenworthy Road, said he would not be defending his title, which he is happy to hand over.

He will be presenting the prizes at the competition, which has been organised by the Czech Yo-Yo Association.

He said: “Nowadays, they have modern yo-yos, things with ball bearings in them.

“It’s gone all high-tech.

“To them I’m a bit of a living legend.”

At the height of his yo-yo fame Mr Robertson featured on TV shows, such as Simon Dee’s, where he would show off his tricks.

He appeared with bands like Abba and Boney M though he described himself as a supporting act rather than a star.

The father-of-three even had a book published called 50 Tricks with a Yo-yo, which is now out of print.

He said: “I had a lot of fun over the years and it took me to all sorts of places.

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