Permission has been given to a haulage firm to build a 50 vehicle truck stop.

Land next to Lynfield Motors, in Hatfield Road, Witham, will be used for a lorry park with CCTV, lighting, fencing and controlled barriers.

Steve Prince Transport Ltd based in Braintree operates 35 vehicles across UK and Europe.

The firm was granted permission by Braintree Council last Friday for the secure lorry park just off the A12.

Mr Prince said the volume of English and foreign trucks using the road deserve to have somewhere safe to park and eat.

He said his company would look for more sites along the A12.

The plan is also to provide a 24 hour cafe and showers and toilets for men and women.

Tammy Mitchell, Chairman of Witham’s Chamber of Trade, said: “I suppose it’s a good thing, it’s more secure for drivers and will help them not to have to park in lay-bys.

“It won’t really affect the town too much in terms of traffic. Lorries will have to be discouraged from coming through the town and the high street.”