The Braintree Green Party candidate is being “realistic” and claims the party won’t win the seat in the General election.

Paul Thorogood, the Green Party candidate for Braintree, has spoke to The Braintree and Witham Times whilst the count continues.

He said: “We know we aren’t going to win this seat for the Green Party to be realistic.

“We got our four target seats, Brighton, Waveney Valley, North Herefordshire, and Bristol, but here we are just looking to push our climate, nature restoration and social justice up the agenda.

“So, I think we are doing that, but in terms of what’s going on here now, I’ve been at the count looking at the votes being counted, it looks like a three way split between Conservative, Reform, and Labour.

Green Party member - Paul Thorogood at the Braintree and Witham countGreen Party member - Paul Thorogood at the Braintree and Witham count (Image: Newsquest)

“From the wards I’ve looked at, it looks like Labour is slightly ahead at the moment.”

In terms of his campaigning, Mr Thorogood is hopeful that the Green Party will win enough percentage of the votes in Braintree and Witham so the party can get its deposits back.

He said: “From a Green Party perspective, Braintree wasn’t a target seat, we are really just looking to win our deposit back. We need five per cent for that, so that’s what we are aiming to achieve.

“It looks like it could be possible in Braintree, Witham looks more likely that we could win eight per cent of the votes and we would get our deposits back which is £500 each.

“That would add to our council elections next year.”