A BRAINTREE online shop owner and market stall trader who finally opened their first ever physical store this month is “loving” the experience so far.

Olivia Washington is the owner of Olivia’s Curiosities, a business that sells goods such as unique fabrics, haberdashery and handmade skulls.

Although it started 12 years ago as an online Etsy Store before she “really started” in 2018, Olivia has recently opened a physical presence in Braintree town centre.

No longer will Olivia only have a physical presence at markets across the county and at Braintree’s monthly street market from March to December, customers can visit the shop in Little Square, Braintree.

Shop owner - Olivia WashingtonShop owner - Olivia Washington (Image: Public)

Colourful - an inside look at the shopColourful - an inside look at the shop (Image: Olivia Washington)

After launching on June 4, Olivia has been enjoying the space so far.

Olivia said:” It's been really lovely these last couple weeks.

“I've seen some of my market regulars and some of the old Lingard customers and even people just coming to say how important it is that we have an independent craft shop in the town centre.

“I love what I do and think this translates great into shop form.

“I open-up wondering what the day will bring me and I'm loving interacting with all my customers.”

Although Olivia has found it “very nerve-wracking” opening the physical store, it was the right decision.

Vibrant - more goods available at Olivia's CuriositiesVibrant - more goods available at Olivia's Curiosities (Image: Olivia Washington)

The decision was made after Lingard Fabrics closed its doors in Rayne Road on April 27, this gave Olivia the motivation to set up as they didn’t want to “step on their toes”.

So far, some days have been better than others, when it comes to customer footfall, but Olivia is very aware it’s part of being in retail, but the next 12 months is something they are looking forward to.

The shop has a mix of items, such as the classic Olivia's Curiosities wool and fabrics.

It also has a small business corner where other people can sell their goods.

For sale - more interesting items availableFor sale - more interesting items available (Image: Newsquest)

Olivia will be hosting a grand opening event on June 29 as it will be the first Saturday they have officially opened the store, due to having previously booked in market stall appearances.

 Olivia’s Curiosities is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30am to 4.30pm.

To find out more, head to Facebook.com/oliviascuriosities/.