A YOUNG and "joyous" dog who was found wandering on the streets of Essex is now on the hunt for her forever home 

One-year-old lurcher Ophelia is at the Danaher Animal Shelter in Wethersfield.

A spokesman said: "Meet our delightful Ophelia, a joyous spirit once found wandering the bustling streets of Essex, who has now found sanctuary with us.

"Watching Ophelia transform into the self-assured lady she is today has been a true delight, but envisioning her thriving in the warmth of a forever home is even more heart-warming.

"Ophelia would relish a household with a canine companion to bond with.

"She flourishes in their company, embracing the joys of hearty play and companionship they would not only be her playmate but also her guide in the adventure of home life.

"Ophelia is also a social charmer among humans, always eager for a cuddle and some well-deserved praise.

"She makes an ideal family addition, particularly in homes with children aged 12 and above.

"While Ophelia's past may be a mystery, her future is bright.

"She's ready to learn the ins and outs of home living and, with a bit of guidance on house training and household etiquette, she'll swiftly settle into the rhythm of family life."

For more information, visit danaheranimalhome.org.uk.