A MARTIAL arts instructor has been left extremely proud as one of his students has achieved an extremely high ranking in the club.

Simon Hall runs the Essex Soo Bahk Do Family Karate Club, which holds a class every Wednesday evening at the sports hall in St Michael’s Primary School, Braintree.

The hour-long class starts at 6.30pm each week and teaches South Korea’s oldest martial art.

Soo Bahk Do was founded by Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee in the 1940s but has a history dating back thousands of years, with the art placing importance on versatility and philosophy.

It takes influences from Okinawan Karate and Northern and Southern styles of Kung Fu.

Now, one of Simon’s longest-serving students, Patryk Tolkaczewski, has earned his 1st degree blackbelt, which is also called Cho Dan.

Simon said: “Presenting the certificate and belt to Patryk was a very humbling experience one I will never forget.

“Patryk has been at my club for seven years training very hard week in and week out.

“As an instructor, seeing a transformation and progress like this makes all I do even more worthwhile.”

For more information on the karate club, visit facebook.com/simonhallesbd.