A LITTER of puppies who were found abandoned in a shoe box have been handed into a rescue shelter. 

The seven puppies which are believed to be a Jack Russell and terrier crossbreed are being cared for at Danaher Animal Home. 

The dogs were found abandoned without their mother at the Braintree Council offices. 

A few days after being taken to the animal shelter in Wethersfield, a dog warden brought in an abandoned female dog, who upon further investigation is believed to be the pooches mother.

Braintree and Witham Times: One of the seven puppiesOne of the seven puppies (Image: Danaher Animal Home)

Staff at the centre said the mother was not in a great condition, appearing scruffy and very skinny. 

After a gentle introduction with the puppies, the mother was first unsure of them, but she is continuing to be introduced to them slowly with the hope of them forming a bond.

The puppies are currently not able to be rehomed due to their age and dependency on hand feeding but staff are aiming for them to be rehomed when they are of age and staff are certain they are happy and healthy.

Sam Garvey, general manager at Danaher Animal Home, said: “We are so incredibly happy that all of the puppies are doing really well and have survived this crucial time where they should be with their mum. We are appealing to anybody that can, please donate a pound for a pup to help us, help them.”