WITHAM Town Council is planning to hold an event honouring those who took part in the D-Day Landings in the Second World War.

The council will hold its D-Day commemoration event on June 6 from 8pm to marks the 80th anniversary of the military operation.

A procession will be led by the Caledonian Pipe Band, setting off from The Avenue at 8.15pm, before finishing at the River Walk by Chipping Hill Bridge.

This will be followed by a service where testimonies of the brave soldiers who took part will be read out, and a beacon will be lit at 9.15pm.

D-Day saw Allied forces storm Normandy beaches on June 6, 1944, as the invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe began.

D-Day was the largest seaborn invasion in history, and it is estimated more than 4,000 Allied military personnel were killed on the first day of the campaign.

Braintree resident Robert Bowley, 80, was recently clearing out his late brother's home when he came across a D-Day paradummy.

The dummies were dropped by plane to trick the Germans into thinking Allied paratroopers were invading and to divert enemy attention from the Normandy landing beaches.