A PARTNERSHIP has begun between The Witham Hub and Witham Community First Responders.

The two organisations have reached an agreement in which the hub will provide the first responders with a base to hold meetings and to carry out any training needed, using the charity’s first-floor conference facilities.  

The new arrangement is already underway, having formally started on March 28.

In return for occasional use of the hub’s conference facilities, Witham Community First Responders have taken over the maintenance of the soon to be six defibrillators currently managed by the hub.

First responders are volunteers who provide immediate assistance in emergency situations. 

They handle category one and two calls, such as cardiac arrests, allergic reactions, breathing problems and will come to the aid of anyone who requires immediate attention, providing basic life support before an ambulance and its crew can get there.

Braintree and Witham Times: Beginnings - The Witham Community First Responders at the first meeting held in their new home at The Witham HubBeginnings - The Witham Community First Responders at the first meeting held in their new home at The Witham Hub (Image: The Witham Hub)

Hub chairman Tina Townsend described the arrangement as “ideal”.

She said: “Witham Community First Responders needed a base and we needed someone to look after the defibrillators to save staff or volunteers being sent out to check them, which has to be done on a regular basis.  

“We are very pleased to be working with Witham Community First Responders, who do vital work and genuinely save lives.”

Steven Hardy, acting co-ordinator for Witham First Responders, said the collaboration will “really help with the growth of the group”.

He said: “Currently, we are a team of six responders and we’ve never had a place to train the volunteers. 

“Being able to train them is crucial to ensure that we continue to provide life-saving care.

“Working closely with the Witham Hub, we can assist with keeping Witham healthier through looking after the defibrillators. 

“We look forward to working with the hub on a long-term basis as they support the local community, just as we do. We are very grateful for their generosity.”

The Witham Hub has modern meeting rooms equipped with air-conditioning, presentation facilities and free wi-fi, tea and coffee.

For further information or to book, visit withamhub.co.uk