BRAINTREE Council has increased fixed penalty notices for offences such as littering, fly-tipping and graffiti.

A change in government legislation aiming to crack down on environmental crime and anti-social behaviour was announced by the Prime Minister in March last year.

Braintree Council cabinet members have raised the size of penalties in the district.

Changes included fines for littering and graffiti rising from £100 to £200 - reduced to £150 if paid within 10 days.

Fines for fly-tipping have more than doubled from £400 to £1,000 - reduced to £850 if paid within 10 days.

Deputy leader Tom Cunningham said: “We take proportionate and effective enforcement action and use fixed penalty notices against people who intentionally or carelessly damage their local environment, to help change their behaviour and deter others from offending.

“One of the most effective ways is to have public support to be our eyes and ears where possible. 

“We already know that our residents are passionate about their local environment, and care about where they live.

"So please, if you see any kind of environmental crime, let us know and we will follow it up.”