A COMEDIAN who once snuck onto rapper Kanye West’s headline Glastonbury Festival headline slot, sold-out ‘Braintree’s only theatre’ for a night of laughter.

English prankster and stand-up comic, Simon Brodkin, 46, headlined The Institute, in Bocking End, last night to an excited and packed-out audience last Wednesday night.

After the 279 attendees found their seats in the large hall, The Institute’s Directors Lewis Codling and Jim Codling confirmed this is the first sold-out event under their management and thanked everyone for coming.

The pair took over the Grade II listed theatre in May last year and have since overseen some major improvements.

Braintree and Witham Times: Entertainer - Simon Brodkin performing his comedy showEntertainer - Simon Brodkin performing his comedy show (Image: Warren Woodcraft)

For a performance that was classed as his warmup show, before he headlines London’s Eventim Apollo on March 23, his ‘Simon Brodkin: Screwed Up’ Braintree show was hilarious from start to finish.

After walking on stage at 8.20pm, Simon greets the audience and says: “Well if it isn't Braintree’s only theatre, good evening.

“This is the place to be!

“I'm not sure if there is anything else to do here in Braintree”.

From there, crowd interaction is at the heart of the show’s first half.

The audience meets a man who works in a glass factory, a painter and decorator, and someone who works for procurement in the NHS, a civil enforcement officer (traffic warden) and mocks them all accordingly.

Braintree and Witham Times: On stage - Simon Brodkin telling the crowd one of his many jokes on the nightOn stage - Simon Brodkin telling the crowd one of his many jokes on the night (Image: Warren Woodcraft)

A cheer prevails from the audience for the NHS worker but a large boo for the traffic warden and Simon calls him every name under the sun and says “I don’t often throw people out…”

A competition is held to see who has got the best speeding ticket; answers ranged from 23pmh to 90pmh on the A130.

The crowd also meets a young couple about to get married in Ipswich and compares idyllic wedding locations like the Maldives to Ipswich.

Amusingly, the comedian, who was previously a doctor, is happy to play jokes on himself and informs the audience on how he was awful at his past job.

Braintree and Witham Times: Show - Simon Brodkin performing at The InstituteShow - Simon Brodkin performing at The Institute (Image: Warren Woodcraft)

After quick 20-minute intermission, the more formulaic and best part of the show begins.

Simon takes aim at Vladimir Putin, Scottish people, Prime Minister Rishi Suank, Matt Hancock, the royal family and more.

The crowning jewel of the set is when Simon recounts his many high-profile pranks such as when he showered former FIFA President Sepp Blatter with dollar bills,  and surrounded former President Donald Trump with swastika covered golf balls.

After more many more jokes and a fake eulogy for his best friend Matt, which points out how bad men are at communicating, the comedian thanks the Braintree crowd and bids everyone goodnight.