AN Essex author is releasing his fourth novel which marks the beginning of three horror stories this year.

Perfect Strangers is the fourth novel by T G Trouper, from Silver End.

It is the first in a series of three unconnected horror stories to be released during 2024.

Perfect Strangers is a horror novel inspired by the classic Hammer Horror films, with a touch of tales of the unexpected.

It tells the story of Sophie, who meets Larsen at work.

She is just weeks away from a special holiday with her fiancée, Paul, after which they will start making their wedding plans.

But Larsen seems to know just what a woman wants to hear and how a woman wants to be treated.

He is perfect and she begins to question her future with Paul. 

Braintree and Witham Times: Novel - Perfect Strangers by T G TrouperNovel - Perfect Strangers by T G Trouper (Image: TG Trouper)

A devastated Paul meets Marty, who seems to be like a combination of every friend he has ever had, and he doesn’t understand how he is able to talk about deeply personal things to a man he’d only known for a couple of days.

But they bond over near-identical emotional experiences.

Marty lends Paul a book on the occult then introduces him to a hidden world, a world where his deepest desires will be fulfilled.

Perfect Strangers is set to release on March 1 and is available, along from

T G Trouper will also be appearing at the Brightlingsea Literary Festival on Sunday, March 3, where he will be doing a reading from one of his novels followed by a Q&A session regarding his writing.