A WOMAN had to be rescued after becoming stranded inside her car on a flooded road.

Firefighters were called to Bulford Lane in Black Notley today shortly before 6am.

They said a car with a woman inside was stuck in the water on a flooded road.

Crews from Braintree, Wethersfield and Colchester attended, and specially trained water rescue firefighters brought the woman to safety. 

The fire service has urged drivers to avoid driving through flooded roads following the incident.

Station manager Pete Donovan said: “Please do not risk driving through floodwater. It really isn’t worth the risk to your life or your vehicle.

"The water is often deeper than you think and it really doesn’t take much water for your car to be severely damaged or in some cases for your car to float out of control, putting your life at risk.

 “If you come across a flooded road, please don’t take any chances, turn around and find another route.”