AN abandoned pooch has become an animal sanctuary's longest-staying guest after racking up a heartbreaking 365 days in care.

Charlie the lurcher was taken into RSPCA care after he was found alone as a stray.

He has now become Danaher Animal Home's longest resident after reaching the milestone of spending a year in kennels.

Craig Horsler, animal welfare supervisor at the Wethersfield centre, said: “Charlie is a lovable greyhound who deserves a warm and loving home.

"Despite a year of waiting, he hasn't given up hope, and neither have we.

“Even if you can’t rehome him, please help him in his search and share his story far and wide. This support could be the key to unlocking his happy ever after - so let's spread the word and make 2024 the year Charlie finds the love he deserves.”

Danaher says two-year-old Charlie has had a lot of emotional turmoil during his short life.

Braintree and Witham Times: Charlie the lurcherCharlie the lurcher (Image: RSPCA)

Craig added: “The sad thing is Charlie is really content and loves being at Danaher and he thinks it’s his home, which is really heartbreaking because we know that if he did have a home to call his own he would be the happiest little chap ever.

"We keep telling him he will love a home with a family even more.

“Charlie is a firm favourite with everyone at the centre and he’s just a real charmer.

"He has what we call an ‘on the go’ personality so needs sufficient exercise, including walks and opportunities to run and play.

“His energy levels are typical of a dog his age and breed.

"When he isn’t busy burning off energy, he loves to chill out with you or take a soft toy and lay down with.”

Concerns are growing about the number of animals coming into RSPCA care, as the number of animals being adopted is dropping.

The number of animals rehomed fell by five percent from 26,945 in 2021 to 25,535 in 2022.

Craig added: "Charlie loves traveling in a car and exploring new places with his handlers. We often visit the local park where we sit down and Charlie loves to relax and lay by our side.

"Charlie will need basic training around a home as he hasn’t had an opportunity to consistently learn what a home is all about. But he is a clever boy and will pick things up quickly.

"If you have room in your heart, love going on adventures but also have a Charlie sized soft spot, then please consider giving him the home, life and love he longs for."