A FORMER councillor and disability rights campaigner has launched her bid to become the Witham constituency’s next MP.

Witham resident Chelsey Jay, 32, is planning to run in this year’s General Election as an independent candidate.

The ex-Witham town councillor was elected in May 2019 before standing down in May last year.

Now, Chelsey claims she can offer something different to residents and believes one of her strengths is not being like a typical politician.

Braintree and Witham Times: Hopeful - The former town councillor Chelsey Jay Hopeful - The former town councillor Chelsey Jay (Image: David Islip Photography)

She said: “I am absolutely buzzing to get on the campaign trail and offer the people in my community something totally different to what they are used to when it comes to politics.

“Not only are they getting someone who isn’t the typical politician type, that I think everyone is sick to the back teeth of, but running as an independent, not connected to any party whatsoever.

“It gives people a chance to elect someone that they can put their total trust in, that represents the true interests of the people, not their party and its agenda.”

Chelsey grew up on a council estate in Witham, attended Howbridge Infants and Juniors and John Bramston School and Sixth Form College.

She was diagnosed with a heart condition called POTS when she was 20. 

The election hopeful believes her background will lay a solid foundation to her representing the town’s people.

Chelsey had her first child recently and plans to use her maternity leave spending her time visiting the towns, parishes and villages that make up the Witham constituency.

She said: “Of course I know Witham town, it’s my forever home and I was on the council for four years. I got a feel of the issues and support people need from their representatives.

Braintree and Witham Times: Politician - Chelsey JayPolitician - Chelsey Jay (Image: David Islip Photography)

“But the Witham constituency is made up of over 40 separate places.

“It’s so important that I learn and get a feel for them all, so I’m going on tour - and the nipper is coming with me.”

“I’m really optimistic that my background, my disability, my age and having my baby along for the ride will help me easily connect with all different demographics of people.”

The current Witham MP is Dame Priti Patel, a member of the Conservative party who has held the position since 2010.

Dame Priti was Home Secretary from 2019 until 2022 but is now a backbencher.

A date for the General Election has not been set yet but it must be held by January 28, 2025.