BIN lorries will no longer collect waste which does not fit into wheelie bins from the start of April.

Bosses at Braintree Council are to press ahead with a new waste and recycling policy from April 1.

It means no 'side waste' left out next to wheelie bins will be collected.

The council wants to reduce the amount of rubbish put out for collection and increase recycling.

It says the tonnage of waste collected in grey wheelie bins in the district is significantly higher than other parts of Essex.

Last year the households generated the fourth highest volume of residual waste in Essex, averaging 463kg each - almost half a tonne.

Wheelie bins will not be emptied if their lids are not fully shut.

Residents who continue to put out side waste out for collection could be fined.

Council environment boss Tom Cunningham said: “We all need to think about what we buy and take greater responsibility for reducing the amount of household waste we produce and recycle as much as we can.

"This will help save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, positively impact the environment and pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.”

The council says other local authorities, including those in Essex, have also banned collections of side waste.

Under the new policy, if a resident’s bin is missed on their collection day they will need to report it to the council after 3pm on the day of collection and no later than 12noon on the next working day.

They should leave their bin at their normal collection point. The collection crew will return to collect it within two working days of receiving a missed bin report.

Weekly collections for properties which have communal bins, such as flats, will remain the same.

There is still no restriction to the number of clear recycling sacks residents can put out for collection, so long as they contain the correct items.