AN adorable chihuahua is looking for his new home after his previous owner had to go into care.

Six-year-old Sammy is waiting at the Danaher Animal Shelter in Wethersfield.

A spokesman said: “Sammy sadly came into our care through no fault of his own.

“He is a hit with his handlers and has a loving and soppy side, enjoying lots of fuss and attention.

 “Sammy is very happy and comfortable walking side by side with another dog but is a little unsure when they come into his personal space.

“He is house trained as well as lived in a home environment before so should find this a familiar and comfortable space to be in.”

They continued: “We are however in need of an adult-only and experienced home for Sammy, preferably a nice quiet one where he is the only dog in the home and can settle easily.

“This is due to his resource-guarding behaviours in the home.

“We are looking for an experienced family who has either owned Chihuahuas before or dealt with behavioural needs such as resource guarding.

“Sammy has shown these behaviours in the home and will need a family experienced and confident to work with his needs, as well as having the support and guidance from his handler when in the home to help.”

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