A SCHOOL is helping its students boost performance for a crucial academic year by handing over laptops.

New Rickstones Academy, in Conrad Road, Witham, has given its Year 11 students Chromebook laptops in an effort to help them for the important GCSE academic year ahead.

The school has invested in giving the 180 students the technology so they can access everything they need for their courses from home or at school.

This marks the third year running that New Rickstones Academy has done this for its students.

Head of Year 11, Jenny Johnson believes the laptops will enable the students to achieve when it comes to GCSE exams.

She said: “With Year 11 students in full flow with their studies, we have issued them with a new laptop each to use at home and at school to help them.

“It is a valuable resource to help all students with independent study throughout their final year at New Rickstones Academy.

“It is important that all students have proper access to a laptop to help them to revise for their exams.

“As a school, we like to make sure all of our students have the same opportunity to succeed.”