COGGESHALL firefighters are highlighting the dangers of charging electronic devices after a vape sent a bedroom up in flames.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service was called to a home in Shardelow Avenue, Chelmsford, at 9.42am on Friday after residents came home to find smoke coming from the upstairs windows.

Firefighters from Coggeshall’s fire station assisted a crew from Chelmsford, entering the property wearing breathing apparatus after discovering a bedroom on the third floor of a townhouse was on fire.

The fire was caused by a vape left on charge.

Station manager Nick Singleton said: “Our control room was great on the phone to reassure the residents and advise them how to stay safe while they waited for us.

“Our advice when you discover a fire in your home is always to get out of the house, stay out and call the fire service.

“If you're charging any electrical device, we recommend you stay in the room while charging. Don’t charge devices longer than recommended and make sure you use a charger recommended by the manufacturer.

“If you need to buy a new charger or device, make sure it conforms to the British Standards for fire safety.”