POLICE joined forces with a parish council and street enforcement officers to recover a stolen vehicle.

Officers worked alongside the Birdbrook Parish Council and Braintree Council’s street scene enforcement team to recover a stolen car in the village.

Braintree Council environment and customer services boss Tom Cunnigham said: “Our street scene protection team are very proactive in their work covering a wide range of investigations of environmental issues, including littering, fly-tipping, accumulations of waste, as well as reports of dog fouling, excess barking, stray dogs, and abandoned vehicles.

“The team is also responsible for investigating and taking action in relation to low level anti-social behaviour including persistent nuisance.”

After being alerted about an abandoned vehicle by members of the village, the street scene enforcement team headed out to the location but soon realised that the vehicle was on false number plates from the number displayed in the windscreen. Police were called and the vehicle was recovered.

Stu Thompson, assistant manager of street scene enforcement, said "We have a great working relationship with the police in Braintree and regularly work together on issues like this that affect the community.”

Mr Cunningham added: “In relation to the recent report of an abandoned vehicle in Birdbrook, our officers’ suspicions were raised as the vehicle was insecure and an expensive car.

“Although the registration matched the vehicle, our officers were still suspicious.

“We have a very close working relationship with Essex Police and a call was made to them with the vehicle details and they confirmed the vehicle had been reported as stolen.

“Whilst at the location a member of public reported another vehicle in the village that appeared to be abandoned, and a notice was applied, stating that the vehicle had been reported as abandoned and that we would take further action as required.”

He continued: “In 2022 – 2023, we investigated 454 suspected abandoned vehicles of being reported within 24 hours of which we disposed of six, with the rest being claimed and removed.

“We will continue to follow up future reports and on behalf of Braintree Council, I would like to thank residents for your vigilance and support.”