TWO mid Essex authors have released new books telling two very different stories.

Braintree-based Carley-Ann Osborn and TG Trouper, from Witham, have released their latest books.

Growing up near London, Ms Osborn has always had a love of books and has especially enjoys those which take you on a character’s journey through their eyes.

Writing was more for her own entertainment in her youth and was left on the backburner as a young adult.

It wasn’t until her mid-30s her love of writing came back into her life, and she hasn’t been able to stop since.

New title What We Can Be is a romance book based in England’s capital.

The synopsis reads: “CEO Amelie Rochfield knows what it takes to succeed.

“She has spent years learning how to navigate the social intricacies needed to succeed in London and how to hold onto that delicate balance between control and chaos.

“However, Nathaniel Brooks, the most important person in her life, is about to shift the balance.

“Can he show her what she has been missing out on, or will she allow fear to stop her seeing exactly what they can be?”

Mr Trouper lives with his wife and worked in the live music industry for many years before leaving to care for his ageing parents.

That gave him time to take up writing - something he had always wanted to do.

New book Astrid Book III: The Early Missions, is a military thriller.

It follows Astrid Book I: War Changes People and Astrid Book II: Good People Do Bad Things.

This new chapter in Astrid Peterman's story covers her early missions in preventing the invasion of her country.

The synopsis reads: “Astrid Peterman is fighting with regular forces and has already shown herself to be a skilled fighter, driven in her desire to push back the invaders and seek revenge.

“She proves herself and is taken on by Captain DeSalva to become an assassin.

“She must further prove herself as a young woman in a male-dominated world.

"She decides she will have no red lines, and nothing will be off limits when she is on a mission.”

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