BRAINTREE Council is expecting to hear the result of its latest legal challenge against the Wethersfield asylum centre plans today.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the council's Judicial Review permission hearing was heard at the High Court, which gave it the opportunity to further challenge the Class Q point and the failures of the Home Office to take into account a range of issues as part of their decision to use the site for accommodation of up to 1,700 asylum seekers.

This was heard alongside the other judicial reviews from West Lindsey District Council for the RAF Scampton site and a resident from Wethersfield.

Council leader Graham Butland said: "This challenge was on eight grounds, which includes a challenge to the Home Office proposed use and proposed development, and the need for planning permission to have been obtained and the Home Office failure to take a range of matters into account as part of their decision making process, including the conflict with the Local Plan, health care, traffic implications and wastewater."

Lady Justice Thornton has reserved judgement and indicated that she will deliver her decision this morning.

“Again we are pleased to have had another opportunity to put our views and the views of our local community across to the High Court", Mr Butland added.

“Meanwhile, this does not stop the Home Office from utilising the site to house asylum seekers and we are aware that an initial group of 46 was moved onto the site on Wednesday.

"We are still very much of the opinion that Wethersfield Airfield is not a suitable site for these plans and we’ll continue to work closely with the Home Office and multi-agency partners to ensure there is minimal impact on all those involved residents that live nearby and local services.

“We will keep residents informed when we hear more.”