THE first group of asylum seekers will arrive at Wethersfield Airfield in just under two weeks.

The Home Office is preparing the site at the redundant RAF airfield to accommodate up to 1,700 male asylum seekers for up to 180 days each under emergency powers.

Braintree Council’s Independent and Green group attended the Home Office question and answer meeting last week.

Following it, the councillors have revealed further information on the site.

Group leader Jo Beavis said: “We believe that all residents in the local area to the proposals should be offered the same level of information.

“The first 50 refugees are expected on July 11. The initial capacity will be 200.

“Once the criteria for induction is accessed this will rise to approximately 1,500 male guests.

“Clearsprings Ready Homes and the Home Office will review the standards inside the centre.

“Guests will stay for approximately 90 days and primary care and police services will be available at the site.

“It is the intention of the Home Office to prolong the use of Wethersfield beyond 12 months and they are taking steps to achieve this.

“In terms of infrastructure, three of the proposed 20 portacabins have been delivered to the site, causing long hold-ups in Sible Hedingham.”